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“Think Tank Organizations Dialog of Turkey: Civilization of Peace” organized in our country by TASAM with contributions of opinion organizations had started on April 7, 2008 Monday in Ortakoy Princess Hotel with participation of 23 countries …

“Think Tank Organizations Dialog of Turkey: Civilization of Peace” meetings organized by TASAM has been carried out between 07–12 April 2008 with participation of 24 countries. The event had started with the meeting held in Ortaköy Princess Hotel between 07–09 April 2008  and continued with the visits and meetings of superior authorities in Ankara between April 10–11, 2008.

Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy  has stated that in a globalizing world with the effect of conjectural developments and technological improvements, countries no longer have the opportunity to isolate themselves from this formation and that it is compulsory for scientists and decision makers, analysis and strategy experts to come together from all around the world in order to overcome existing problems and find new developments with the “Opinion Organizations Turkey Dialog” Project and must share their opinions on a common ground.

Şensoy has summarized the significance of the Project as follows: “with meetings to be carried out within the frame of unique disciplines of representatives of opinion organizations both at state and non-governmental organization level it shall be possible to closely track political, social-cultural and economical developments taken place at regional and global scale and to share and evaluate together the information available and to develop updated and future oriented constructive dialogs.”

In the committee there was the president of Almaty Afghanistan Ambassador and Bosnia Herzegovina Washington D.C. Ambassador and the chairman of opinion organizations of Croatia, Azerbaijan, People’s Republic of China, Ethiopia, Georgia, India,  Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Malaysia, Egypt, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia Tajikistan and Jordan countries.

In the first meeting held on 07 April 2008 Monday at 14:00 in Ortaköy Princess Hotel, the organizations have met with each other and they shared their corporation activities. Program continued with dinner to be organized at 19:00 in Feriye Villa in the honor of the committee by Istanbul Governorship. In the second day of the program “Threat and Risk Perceptions” and “Return to Asymmetric War Concept and Terrorism Perception” issues are discussed. Following that a dinner was organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at 19:00 in Malta Villa.

In the program dated 09 April 2008 following the meeting with the subject “Globalization: Integration/ Disintegration” the committee moved towards Ankara. On 10 April 2008 following the visit to Anıtkabir (the Mausoleum of Atatürk) the committee was accepted by CHP Deputy of General President Ambassador Onur ÖYMEN and DSP General President Zeki Sezer and afterwards as hosted by ASAM the final meeting with the subject “Mutual Cooperation on Power and Justice Basis” has been carried out. The committee was accepted by Minister of State Mustafa Sait Yazıcıoğlu and Chairman of TİKA Musa KULAKLIKAYA and carried out many meetings and dialogs.

On 11 April 2008 General Secretary of Presidency Mustafa İsen has accepted the committee’s visit o his Office and at 16:30 the committee met with Prime Minister’s Office Deputy Undersecretary Hakan Fidan at the Prime Minister’s Office. Following the visit the committee returned back to Istanbul and the program has ended with the cultural visit carried out on Saturday, April 12, 2008