Thursday, 04 June 2020
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“Cooperation for Civilization of Peace” on the Bases of Power and Justice Print E-mail
Süleyman Sensoy, the chairman of Turkish Asian Center  for Strategic Studies  (TASAM) has stated that there are signals showing that balances in the world shall change significantly in the middle and long term and he said “Asia and Africa shall be among the most important continents which shall have a voice in the new balances of the world in 21st century’’.
“Think Thank Organizations Dialogue of Turkey : Civilization of Peace” organized by TASAM with the contribution of leader opinion organizations of our country has started in Ortakoy Princess Hotel with participation of opinion organizations from 24 countries and these meetings which lasted for 6 days out of which 2 days were spent in Ankara has been completed with senior level meetings.

In the opening speech of the meeting Sensoy stated that after September 11, many balances, regional roles and definitions changed in the world and that many problems like policies regarding energy, ecological changes and international terrorism has expanded and many countries were affected from these on symmetrical terms not asymmetric terms. He also mentioned that countries face multi-sized foreign policy concept and that the power of a country in another geography or region had positive or negative impact asymmetrically and told that Turkey is trying to adapt to this phase.
According to his observations Sensoy explained that balances regarding developed countries of the world centered in West Europe and America have changed and that signals that balances in the world shall significantly change in middle and long term are given. Sensoy pointed out that following Asia, Africa shall become the region of development and that the continent shall come to an important point 10-15 years from now even though today it is being recalled with many negative conditions. Especially in Africa composed of 53 different parts and mostly poor countries activities for building Africa Union Organization similar to European Union have been facilitated as of 2002 and Sensoy stated that this shall play an important role in the world politics in shaping of Africa.

Sensoy said “We believe that Africa and Asia shall be the most important continents that shall have a voice in the new balances of the world in 21st century’’. Sensoy said it is understood that the issues cannot be solved only with economical superiority and scalable physical capacities and that richness did not bring happiness to Europe and USA.

Sensoy stated that all people and organizations are responsible for lessening negative events experienced in the world both for the interest of their own countries and a better world to live in on basis of power and justice and he stated that they should serve for common values and references under cooperation and mutual collaboration of opinion organizations in this regard.