Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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Network Contact Group – NTG Print E-mail
Activities of Network Contact Group
•    To track current problems regarding UN and special organizations, international and regional issues covering current issues of international organizations.
•    To inform member organizations about related documents and to distribute these if necessary
•    To increase interest of member organizations in order to adopt policies to be implemented and to develop proper common strategies.
•    To make recommendations to the government, international committees and other authorized parties regarding these policies and strategies.
•    To ensure coordination and communication with member organizations, “Idea Men Group” and other subgroups formed under “Communication Network”
•    To benefit from national and international expertise and to build regular communication channels with national and international units.
•    NTG shall search for ways to achieve “consulting position” among international and regional organizations mentioned above.
•    NTG is the “coordination organ” of “Communication Network” in order to inform and coordinate parties on issues that concerns member organizations.

Structure of Network Contact Group
•    NTG is composed of senior representatives of member opinion organizations.
•    Each member organizations shall determine “contact personnel” at senior management personnel level in order to form “Network Contact Group” and shall notify TASAM of the name of this person.
•    NTG shall meet at least once a year or more if required in order to fulfill its duties.
•    NTG shall determine its own rules and procedure in the first meeting.
•    NTG shall organize regular coordination meetings using special security area/platform in “Communication Network” site of opinion organizations.