Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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“Think Tank Organizations Dialogue of Turkey” TOD-TR is a project that actively gathers the representatives of exclusive NGO’s working as think tank organizations,  senior executives of public and academicians that attract attention in the African-Eurasia region and provides communication and interaction between corporations under the concept of "Civilization of Peace”.


There is not any country that has not been enter directly or indirectly into interaction and communication with the others at the present world which is on the increasing globalization process deriving from technological progress and other conjectural developments. Intensive political, socio-cultural and economic changes and interactions are existing in the African-Eurasian countries and in the world as a whole.

Undoubtedly, Turkey can not fall outside these regional and global developments. Internal and external dynamics result in rapid and intensive political, socio-cultural and economic developments and changes in Turkey.  These developments and changes which emerge on the each level of civilizations concern closely not only states but also civil society.

It is a necessity to get and analyze actual information about developments in our country, near region and world and to develop dynamic, effective and realistic dialogues for the future through to get together our scientists, intellectuals, analysts, strategist and experts in order to overcome existing problems, achieve new expansions, offer multi dimensional suggestions based on more expansive, creative and different ideas and gain maximal collective benefits.

Especially, through organizing meetings involving representatives from genuine disciplines of think tank organizations, it will be possible to observe and watch political, socio-cultural and economic developments emerging on the regional and global levels and concerning both state and civil society, to share and assess collective knowledge, and to develop creative dialogues for present and future. Otherwise, it can not be possible to overcome problems and benefit from new opportunities that will be encountered.

Within this context of necessity, project of “Think Tank Organizations Dialogue of Turkey” has been planned by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) under cooperation with the other distinguished think tank organization of Turkey.

We hope that this project planned for distinguished think tank organizations of Turkey and the African-Eurasian countries and decision makers who have initiative and competence in their countries’ government will contribute to the foundation of “Civilization of Peace”.

Süleyman ŞENSOY
The Chairman of TASAM


Coordinator and operator corporation of the project is TASAM, Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies.

TASAM is a ‘scientific’ research center developing, implementing and sharing strategic vision and vital projects for our people and for the humanity in the perspective of civilization via objective knowledge and original ideas which it reaches by following the conjuncture closely and assessing the relevant dimensions deeply as a dynamic think tank organization.

TASAM established by the sensitive researchers and scientists in 2003 in Istanbul is a private and independent center as an NGO incorporated body which serves Turkish and international private or public institutions in their studies about different issues and finances its activities by sponsorships and payments deriving from such services.

Objective of TASAM is to produce effective solutions and original alternative models through performing scientific studies, assessments, foresights, meetings and projects on Turkey’s problems and expansions related to its global and regional relations and historical, cultural, political, legal, economic, sociological, ethnical and geopolitical structure.