Wednesday, 20 October 2021
Turkish (Turkiye)English (United Kingdom)Russian (CIS)
The project of “Think Tank Organizations Dialogue of Turkey” has four main goals:

•    To come together with the representatives of think tank organizations of the mentioned countries in the perspective of “Civilization of Peace”, and then to evolve comments which are oriented to the analyzes and to exchange the acknowledges and ideas about the political, socio- cultural, and economic developments which are seen lately in the world, in the areas and in our countries.
•     To follow regional and global developments and prepare a dialogue atmosphere to have foresight for possible political, socio-cultural and economic developments.
•    To present suggestions for socio-economic problems which are defined in accordance with different approaches to the decision makers.
•    To make cooperation and dialogue within all these perspectives.

Through these goals following aims will be tried to reach:

•    To make a positive interaction culture and solidarity with neighbor countries.
•    To develop a civil society to shape the formal diplomacy.
•    To prepare atmosphere to think tank organizations which have different origin and formations in order to learn each others ideas and discipline and give a chance to develop ideal shared methodologies.
•    To find inferences from inventions and approach of civil perfective for public benefits.
•    To make international expansion in political, socio-cultural, academic and economic context.
•     To achieve to find new directions for the institutions and countries through the representatives of civil society.