Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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Akil Adamlar Grubu
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Activities of Idea Men Group

•    WMG observes, analyzes and defines conditions, potential risks, threats and focus points regarding international and regional conflicts. It reports the obtained findings and recommendations to national authorities and international units.
•    WMG organizes seminars, conferences and training courses in order to build develop and fortify transparency, good management, human rights and democracy among member countries. The purpose of this is to determine, recommend and build norms and principles in order to create a security culture.
•    WMG makes proper recommendations in order to solve rooted conflicts in a rapid way and to solve problems between conflicting parties in peaceful and democratic ways.
•    In the period following conflict WMG carries out activities and makes recommendations in order to develop “non-governmental organizations” and ensure they contribute to sustainable stability, security and peace.

Structure of Wice Men Group

•    WMG is composed of chairman/directors or reputable members of member organizations.
•    In order to guarantee efficiency in fulfilling mission, number of WMG members shall not be more than ten.
•    WMG shall reach decisions with consensus.
•    In order to completely fulfill its duties WMG may form sub-groups like “Risk Analysis and Security Culture Development group”, “Observation Group”, “Evidence Collecting Group” etc.. These sub-groups shall regularly report to WMG.
•    “Wice Men Group” shall meet at least once a year or more if required. Time and duration of the meetings shall be determined by sub-groups.